Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter and Palmettos in the Florida Scrub

We had our yearly frost last night and it left these beautiful patterns on the palmetto fronds. It would be interesting to investigate why this happens. Why this pattern? I enjoyed the view for a few brief minutes in the morning before the sun worked its magic.

Wintertime Palmettos

Friday, January 8, 2016

Florida Children's Author Visits

Everyone knows I love to visit classrooms that are reading Olivia Brophie books! I recently visited a class in California via Skype and had a great time as always. Sometimes teachers send me photos from their side of the conversation. In this particular case, I discovered the classroom itself was overrun with frogs, something I couldn't see from my video.
Skype visit with frog-loving classroom

Meeting Moki from Sky Island for the first time

Anyway, the class is only on chapter 4 of Pearl of Tagelus, so they have sooooo many adventures ahead of them!