Monday, October 26, 2015

Song of the Bear Cub

Song of the Bear Cub
(The first bear hunt in Florida in two decades resulted in illegally killed lactating females and cubs. We will never know the actual numbers of the dead)

The woods were quiet this morning
she went out to eat and roam,
new sounds rocked the silence
and mother's not coming home.

Laughter rang through trees
smiling photos on their phones
to them it's proof they're men
and mother's not coming home.

We thought we lived in paradise
the sunlight kept us warm,
she kept us safe and fed
and mother's not coming home.

We aren't sure where to go
because she made us whole
hunger makes dangerous choices
and mother's not coming home.

Now paradise is shaken
soaked with bloody death's moan
there is nothing left to do
our mother's not coming home.
--Christopher Tozier 26-Oct-2015

Florida Children's Author Visits School in Gaeta Italy

More photos from my new friends in Gaeta Italy. Yes, my head is gigantic and red. Not sure what is going on there.

I took the opportunity to learn a bit about Gaeta. It is the location of the earliest known written reference to pizza. That alone should endear the town to all of us. They have a mountain named Orlando, the same name as the city I live in. They also have a special olive there. I need to find some of these olives to try.

It turns out, Gaeta is also a beautiful town and, if this class is any indication, it is full of smart, kind people.

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