Sunday, July 5, 2015

Carprofen, or Rimadyl, for canine pain management - WARNING

Our dachshund Spanky was prescribed Rimadyl / carprofen to help control the pain of an ear infection. Of course, we were concerned that our dog was suffering, so we simply trusted the vets and we didn't investigate the potential side-effects. Within a couple days of using Rimadyl, Spanky was unable to walk due to partial paralysis in his hind legs. He had a terrible seizure that lasted a half-hour. He never recovered.

Unfortunately, it didn't occur to us that Rimadyl could have this effect until our 2nd dachshund Pepper received a single dose and lost the ability to walk within 12 hours. That is when we started researching and discovered countless stories from others with similar experiences.  We are devastated. Please be warned. I know some dogs are helped by Rimadyl /carprofen, but the risks are very real and very serious. These are not "upset stomach" or "lethargy" type of side effects. These are paralysis, liver or renal failure, and death side-effects.  Please use a pain management drug with less risky side-effects. If you decide to use Rimadyl, watch your dog very carefully and start with very small doses. It is absolutely horrible to watch your beloved family member suffer because you kept giving them something you thought was going to help them.  Go to to find out more.

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