Saturday, March 1, 2014

Grizzly Bears in Florida!

I offer this photo as proof:

Grizzly Bear Crossing sign in the Florida scrub

Of course, there are no grizzly bears in Florida. This photo was taken two miles from my house deep in the Florida scrub. You can tell that the silhouette is a grizzly because of the large shoulder hump.

Close-up of the Florida Grizzly Bear sign
We have TONS of Florida black bears here. And cars are the number one threat to their lives, so drive carefully in bear country. Keep in mind when you see a mother bear with cubs, there is often a cub far behind. That cub is often scared when it realizes how far back from the others it is, and will panic-run to catch up. That behavior seems particularly dangerous to me.

Did the sign-people  not know this was a grizzly? Were the grizzly signs cheaper than the black bear signs? Did they run out of the correct signs? Who knows.

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