Monday, September 16, 2013

Giant's Causeway, Bushmills N. Ireland

The Giant's Causeway must be the most popular tourist attraction along the coast of Northern Ireland. Just a short drive away, Dunluce Castle was completely our own, but here countless curiosity seekers scrambled over the rocks like happy ants.  It helps to be patient here as you wait for a tourist-free photograph. In the meantime, enjoy the interlocked basalt columns that betray an ancient volcanic past. These are not basalt crystals but the result of constrained cooling, just as mud cools and fractures into geometric patterns.
As always, if you are able, please take the leisurely stroll to the site rather than the shuttle bus. You will be rewarded with beautiful overviews and an appreciation of the entire site.

The basalt columns comprise the dark point of land in the middle of the photo




A single stone on the Giant's Causeway

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