Monday, March 11, 2013

Florida Climbing Aster (Aster carolinianum)

I received a photograph in my email today from a Florida native and award-winning author Lowell Teal. Lowell and his family have been living in Florida for a long time. Suffice it to say, Lowell has covered a lot of central Florida on horseback. Gradually, they have sold off the land that used to support their cattle farming. In a recent sale this past fall, Lowell noticed a stunning display of flowers so he took a photo. I opened it as one opens an envelope purportedly containing evidence of Bigfoot. I wasn't disappointed. Lowell told me he has never seen this flower anywhere else and I have to agree with him. I know I know. Climbing Aster isn't supposed to be so rare according to the books. But I have never seen it and Lowell has only seen this one. Between us, we've covered a lot of Florida! Of the other pictures I've seen on the internet, none of them even come close to the grandeur of this beautiful monster.

Find out more about Lowell Teal, his life, and his wonderful books.

Climbing Aster (Aster carolinianum)

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  1. I've seen it mainly along riverbanks, climbing up into the trees. Best, memorable location: the farthest loop on the River Trail at Silver River State Park. But it's certainly not very common.