Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gopher Apple Harvest Time!

You may recall in an earlier post, some pictures of blooming gopher apple plants. Well, it's gopher apple harvest season in the Florida scrub. Ripe gopher apples are white and look like quail eggs nestled in the dark green foliage. They don't stay edible for long so you have to keep your eyes open. You can actually smell their fruity fragrance when you are standing near a patch of ripe apples.

In the Olivia Brophie series, the Junonians rightfully love "jumjams." They have a lot of competition to harvest them though. Mice, squirrels, birds, and insects all compete for this sweet fruit. Inside, the fruit is even whiter and is full of fragrant juice. There is a large pit in the middle.

Gopher apples taste a lot like pawpaws only sweeter. Smooth and creamy with a mild banana and berry flavor. They are a refreshing snack when I'm running along the trails out here!

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