Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Florida Beetles and a Bug

This beautiful green weevil is called...a Northern Citrus Root Green Weevil! Pachnaeus opalus. I found it at a black light trap along with the other photos on this post. Don't get too attached to this cute little guy though. He is an invasive species and, as his name suggests, he likes to eat citrus roots. Not a good combination if you are trying to make your way in Florida.

This red and black beetle is a scarab, Bolbocerosoma hamatum. It is slightly larger than a pencil eraser and it is only found in the extreme southeast, Florida, southern Georgia and southern Alabama. Basically nothing is known about its lifestyle and food.

Finally, here is a mug-shot of a stink bug. 

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  1. Sometimes, I wonder, why sting bugs are so dirty smelling creatures? what do stink bugs eat exactly? What helps them to create such a pungent smelling secretion?