Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Hidden Iridescence of the Moustached Tiger Beetle (Cicindela hirtilabris)

You may remember my original post about the moustached tiger beetle. In that post, we never got a really close look at this amazing beetle. The moustached tiger beetle is perfectly camoflaged for life on the white sands of the Florida scrub. The violin pattern on its back resembles the bits of detrius that litter the sand. Its long legs allow it to regulate its temperature on the hot sand.

It turns out, I underestimated the beauty of this beetle! If you look closely at the edges of its elytra, its tiny joints, knees, the border of its eyes, you will find a wonderful iridescence.  What a gorgeous, magical beetle!

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  1. Really cool photos of this tiger beetle.

    Many people are not aware that Tiger Beetles can be pets. I hope it is ok to share this link with your readers who may be interested in learning more about that?

    Planet's Coolest Critters - Tiger Beetles

    Thanks for letting me share this, Kat