Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wire Pass - Paria Canyon Utah

Go south on House Rock Valley Road from Hwy 89. Drive 8 miles to the Wire Pass parking area. Self-pay $6 per person in your party then hit the trail!

The Wire Pass trail is pretty easy. First you follow a riverbed downstream for about a mile.

Even though you are here for the slots, check out the wildflowers and the geology along the river bed. I found a sweet chunk of petrified wood here.

Remember to save enough water to hydrate on your way back through here!

Soon enough, you will come upon the upstream entrance to wire pass slot.

Wire Pass is a neat, easy slot.  Inside the canyon, you will find a few boulder obstacles that must be negotiated. For older or less experienced hikers, you may need a friend to help you negotiate these. One step down was about five feet high which can seem challenging if you have never done something like this before! But it really isn't hard.

About a 1/2 mile in, you will come to the confluence of Wire Pass as it meets the much bigger and longer Buckskin Gulch. Here you will find an arch under construction.

Look to the left of this arch-in-the-making and you will find some rock art. Antelopes, snakes, a few people, and, unfortunately, some vandalism.

In the picture above, you can see several antelope heads rising above the sand. The sand levels rise and fall depending on the flooding in the canyon. I wonder what art is hidden beneath the sand?

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