Friday, May 25, 2012

Subway Canyon in Zion Wilderness

We hiked the Subway Canyon from the bottom-up, starting at the Left Fork Trailhead. This is a serious hike. Ten miles roundtrip. You should not be afraid of heights or crumbly trails. You should be prepared for a full day of bouldering.

The view down into the canyon - you will be hiking to the "v" where the canyon sides come together in the background

Enjoy your long hike in the river

Enjoy the paintbrush flowers

And the cactus

And the Canyon Frogs

Here is a cool waterfall where the river almost entirely constricted down to a thin crevice only a few inches wide and extending for about 20 yards.

Almost to the end!

Potholes at the end

Perfect for a cool swim!

Through this passageway and out of sight (you must swim for it) there is a secret cave waterfall.

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