Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Poetry Chapbook News

Yellowjacket Press has announced that they will be publishing my poetry chapbook, "A Little Book of Light History: from Delft to Ocean Park." It is a 25 page series of ekphrastic poems that starts with Vermeer and ends with Diebenkorn. 

For a look at an early version of the Table of Contents, see my original post.

Needless to say I am excited and proud to be part of Yellowjacket Press's catalog. They do a fantastic job promoting poetry in the state of Florida. A special congratulations to Liz Robbins who won the Yellowjacket Press Chapbook competition. Her chapbook, "Girls Turned Like Dials," should be quite good judging by the previous work I've read of hers. Also getting published is Paul David Adkins for "The Upside Down House."

Grey and Silver: The Life Boat, Whistler 1884

This Whistler painting inspired a poem in A Little Book of Light History. I wrote ‘The Life Boat’ as a response to the 2011 tsunami disaster in Japan. Whistler’s painting conveys a muddy and stunned desolation that seemed so appropriate. People are rowing, survivors are walking, but they are mired in the enormity of the disaster. Oddly, the artist’s signature, a stylized butterfly, rises to the forefront of the painting. What does that mean for hope when the entire world has turned to mud?  This poem will also be published in The Flagler Review in April. Watch for it!

The chapbook also includes poems inspired by Redon, Hopper and Blaschka. My hope is that not only do the individual poems stand as individuals but the series represents our evolving understanding of light and perception, from Vermeer's camera obscura to Diebenkorn's flattened, mathematical landscapes.

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  1. Mr. Tozier, congratulations on this wonderful news!
    Paul David Adkins