Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus Update

Release of Olivia Brophie and the Pearl of Tagelus is scheduled for March 2012.

Editing of the text is complete. Whew! I must have read the entire book another ten times this month.

We are currently working with an artist on the cover design and line drawings. June at Pineapple Press has been fantastic to work with on this project. She is very candid with her opinions yet sincerely open to my input.

Here are the steps in the process of working with an editor. We started three months ago:

1) I sent my final version of the manuscript to Pineapple Press. This version of the manuscript isn't to be confused with the version I originally submitted almost one year ago.

2) First Edit and Conceptual Suggestions. June sent all of her edits and suggestions in a "change-tracking" Word document.

3) I accepted the changes I agreed with, added notes to changes I didn't agree with, made new additions, and re-wrote sections of the manuscript to maintain consistency or adjust to conceptual changes. In the original manuscript, I had written some passages that shifted the POV. We decided to keep the POV with Olivia so those passages had to be re-written. Other changes we considered that weren't technically errors were the ages of some of the characters, confusing scenes, and a new chapter title. Conceptual changes were the toughest part of the editing process. Grammatical errors are easy once you find them. Changing a detail of the story like a character's age can have conflicts and implications further in the story. I found the only way to deal with a change like that is to read the manuscript again from start to finish with that change in mind. It is amazing how the nuances of a character naturally manifest themselves in ways that you didn't really plan or craft.

4) Another round of edits and conceptual suggestions.

5) A PDF version of the manuscript is created with title pages.

6) Edits are made to the PDF version. I found a word-choice habit that I hadn't noticed before at this stage. It is insteresting how a new format and font illuminates the text in a whole new way.

7) Re-read PDF version. No changes!

Next steps:

7) Write a dedication.

8) Working with artist on cover art and interior line-drawings.

9) Wait for galley proof. This version of the document will have the artwork in place and everything will appear as it should in the printed version.

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