Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Little Book of Light History

I am currently working on a chapbook-sized manuscript titled A Little Book of Light History, from Delft to Ocean Park. It is a series of ekphrastic poems responding to some historically significant artists who advanced the portrayal of light to new heights.  The good news is that four of these poems have already been published in literary magazines, so I am pretty excited about the possibilities for this manuscript. In the future, I will post some of these poems along with the corresponding works of art.

A Little Book of Light History
from Delft to Ocean Park

Table of Contents

The Lacemaker, Vermeer 1670
Street in Delft, Vermeer 1658
The Milkmaid, Vermeer 1660
The Art of Painting, Vermeer 1673
Nocturne: Cremorne Gardens No 3, Whistler 1877
Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket, Whistler 1874
Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl, Whistler 1862
Grey and Silver: The Life Boat, Whistler 1884
Sea Creatures in Glass, Blaschka Late 19th Century
Flower Clouds, Redon 1903
Silence, or The Black Sun, Redon 1900
The Chariot of Apollo, Redon 1912
Lighthouse at Two Lights, Maine,  Hopper 1929
Sun in an Empty Room, Hopper 1963
Summer Evening, Hopper 1947
House of the Fog Horn, No. 3,  Hopper 1929
Stairway, Hopper 1925
House with Bay Window, Hopper 1925
The Dories, Ogunquit, Hopper 1914
Interior with View of the Ocean, Diebenkorn 1957
Interior with View of Buildings, Diebenkorn 1962
Cityscape 1, Diebenkorn 1963
Ocean Park, Diebenkorn 1967-1976

Please note that the poems and narratives on this site are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without the author's permission.


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